nantsuttei ramen, parco marina bay

after the pixar exhibition (more on that in another post), we digipeners went to parco marina bay for ramen.

the place is pretty small but the queue moved at quite an acceptable speed.

the girls had the normal ramen ($12). as you can see, the broth is infused with black garlic oil thus the colour. the soup is tasty (a little too salty) but the texture of the noodles is just average. so is the char siew.

the dudes had char siew ramen ($16). it’s the same as the normal one but with extra slices of char siew.

i’m pretty anal when it comes to my eggs. it’s a tad overcooked. no can do!

if you finished every single drop of the soup, which i didn’t, this little man will greet you with his protruding tummy. how cute.

final verdict: santouka is still at the top on the charts for me.


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