070510: floral vintage

dress: pandawithpistols
bag: myscarletroom
shoes: aldo
necklace: claire’s
ring: forever21

i like many colours but i have to say my favourite is blue. especially this shade of blue. i bought this dress about 3 months ago but this is my first time wearing it. i have a bad habit of stuffing my new clothes in one corner and forgetting  all about it until i need something nice to wear.

school has started again. that means less outfit posts. :D


2 thoughts on “070510: floral vintage

  1. What a super cute outfit!! Your blog is adorable.. I especially love your DIY Chanel 2.55 bag tee… I will definitely need to make one of my very own! Did you use iron on transfer paper for the bag?? fun fun fun for sure!! Take care.

    xx Love & Aloha

    • hi sharon! thanks for reading my blog :)

      yep i used iron on transfer paper for the bag but i didnt like the material of the transfers because it was a bit to stiff. but you can try it!

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