birthday at saizeriya and azabu sabo

had dinner with my uni friends at liang court after class today :D

saizeriya is a japanese chain which sells reasonably priced italian food.

the girls. :D

and 2 dudes. the rest couldn’t make it due to work and stuff.

we ordered loads of sides to share:

escargots for $5.80. pretty alright but i prefer the one at au petit bistro/salut.

sausage platter.

panda’s meat and mushroom spaghetti.

eli’s squid ink pasta. it looks scary.

my baked rice with meat sauce which costs only $4.20.

kuma’s chicken baked rice.

we shared a double cheese pizza.

berty’s rib eye steak.

loks’ hamburg steak. this is only $7+. amazingly cheap for the huge serving.

after dinner, we walked to central for dessert at azabu sabo.

my brother’s twin joined us too. most of us shared because we were too full.

some shots of my birthday cake surprise in school.

my favourite strawberry shortcake. :D panda knows me best. hoho.

retarded face of mine.

would like to take this chance to thank everybody who wished me on this very day. much love to you all :)


6 thoughts on “birthday at saizeriya and azabu sabo

  1. THE FOOD LOOKS REALLY GOOD. Can’t believe so cheap!

    HEHE, your fav strawberry shortkeck!cant wait to see u in 2 weeks’ time!

  2. My BFF and I were just talking about squid ink pasta.. it does look scary.. but I want to try/eat it so bad now! nom nom nom.

    xx Love & Aloha

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