pixar exhibition

a small group of us went for the pixar exhibition together and i have to say IT WAS AWESOME TO THE MAX. we spent a little more than 3 hours analyzing every single piece work available. we could have stayed even longer but the science center closes at 6.30pm.

forcing kuma to camwhore while waiting for the others. note the resemblance. HAHA.

sully and mike!

so… no photography was allowed in the exhibition but i managed to sneak quite a number of shots. i couldn’t help it. it’s too amazing not to. plus i do not have enough brain power to remember every single thing i saw.

they have a zoetrope too! the first one i saw was at ghibli studio in japan.

i love the concept art but i love the sculptures even more!

edna mode. she’s one of my favourite pixar characters. do you know she is voiced by a man?

linguini from ratatouille.

emile chomping on a sausage.

from monster’s inc. the details are crazy. having done sculptures ourselves, we appreciate all these even more.

took loads more pictures but i shan’t post them all. if you are interested, visit the exhibition yourself. :D


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