d.i.y: my first canvas bag

remember i was working on the cloth in this post? i’m finally done with it!

i was actually watching prison break while finishing it. it’s a wonder i didn’t make any mistakes. i’m into the last season and things are getting so exciting!

the sewing part was less time consuming. i even added an inner lining for my bag so that the insides won’t get dirty as fast.

the end product! the handles are abit wonky but i’m happy with it. the next one will be definitely much better. now, should i invest on a rotary cutter? i can’t seem to cut straight lines using the scissors. lol.


8 thoughts on “d.i.y: my first canvas bag

  1. most definitely, get a rotary cutter! you already have a cutting board. ;)

    this is gorgeous (as is all your other diy’s!) – you can actually sell these lol ;D

  2. Ohmygosh! I love this DIY… I’ve been wanting to make a swallow something for some time now… I love your swallows.. did you hand draw them??? or did you find a template online? I’d love to know!! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!!

    xx Love & Aloha

    • i looked for some swallow clip art online and modified them a little. then i traced it out on transparency sheets, cut the swallow shape out and used them as stencils! i used fabric pens at first but switched to silk screen paint because it was easier. :) hope this helps.

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