tampopo, liang court

met alwyn and jenny for dinner at clarke quay after school on thursday. it was a birthday treat! :D

we shared a sashimi platter.

and a spicy negitoro sushi roll.

jenny’s cha soba.

alwyn’s shoyu ramen. which is two times saltier than mine.

i had the black pig shabu shabu ramen. it was alright. soup was tasty but the noodles are normal. santouka still wins hands down.

the egg was a wee bit too runny but i still like it. better runny than not runny at all. :D

all in all, i prefer sushi tei more than tampopo. they have more variety and their prices are slightly cheaper as well.

went to azabu sabo for dessert again. kinda sick of the place already.

3 of us shared a matcha parfait because i was super full from dinner. the parfait made me miss tsujiri in japan. since rich singaporeans like to franchise japanese restaurants… why not just bring in tsujiri! i totally wouldn’t mind paying 18 bucks for a good parfait.

the two who blessed me with this dinner. :D much thanks x 10000!


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