coffee bean’s all-day breakfast

finally got to meet up with soo and noo after months. the last time we saw each other was in january i think.

we went bugis, dhoby gaut, somerset and orchard in the afternoon before settling down for dinner at ion’s coffee bean. i chose to eat there because i have this 1-for-1 breakfast set coupon from herworld magazine.

noo took the big breakfast set.

soo and i had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. it was pretty good. i want to try other breakfast items next time!

we had dessert there as well.

green tea tiramisu which tastes nothing like green tea or tiramisu.

the warm mudpie was not too bad but the red stuff on top was a nuisance. they got stuck in our teeth so we removed them all.

random pictures of us:

love soo’s polka dot skirt!

i love my $3 headband from forever21. i almost got charged $7 for this because the price tag was missing and the stupid cashier assumed it was $7. tsk. she didn’t even apologize.


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