LENAS, bugis junction

got together with leeam and gwennie together for lunch at lenas last friday! we wanted to have the buffet initially but chose to eat their set lunches instead.

gwennie’s mushroom soup which was not too bad.

set comes with a serving of coleslaw, garlic bread and iced tea.

we shared a salmon meatball pizza.

i had pan-fried dory fish with spaghetti in tomato sauce. it looks nothing like the picture in the menu. the picture in the menu had a whole slice of fish on top whereas mine was in pieces. they didn’t even clean the sides of the plate!!!

leeam’s aglio olio with the same pan-fried dory fish looks better even though it’s also supposed to be a whole slice of fish. yes, yes. i’m very anal when it comes to presentation.

gwennie’s creamy pasta with prawns. the cream was too heavy after awhile.

LENAS is kinda infamous for their service. it was pretty chaotic and you can hear waiters screaming at the cooks to hurry up etc. it’s quite a stressful place to eat at. i’ll probably go back for their pancake/omelette buffet the next time because i adore pancakes!

one for one frozen yogurt at esplanade mrt until 31 august! i’m so going to be a frequent customer there.

we have something in common: smiling for pictures without showing our teeth. :D


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