simply shiok ice cream

a new ice cream cafe just opened one road away from our school not long ago. great place to de-stress and indulge in ice cream, gelato and sorbet. this is our second time here! the first time i had apple pie gelato which was yums.

i usually go for gelato flavours because they have lower fat content compared to ice creams. :D

the great wall of postcards.

this time i had azuki matcha gelato which was alright. i don’t think i will order this again because my standards for green tea ice cream is pretty high. next flavour on my list is hazelnut!

eli’s baileys ice cream.

lok’s chendol.

bert’s coffee.

japher’s cookies and cream + chocolate indulgence combo.

kuma’s raspberry gelato. i like this too :D


5 thoughts on “simply shiok ice cream

  1. sigh im totally craving for ice cream now thanks to the pictures lol, and albert’s coffee ice cream is making me drool T.T

    • haha! i’m sure there’s better ice creams in the US! hoho. 1 more month and 1.5 more weeks to go!!! missss u

    • it’s tricky. haha! get off at buona vista, cross the overhead bridge. walk straight till you see MOE. cut through MOE and you’ll see a park. cross at the zebra crossing. go up a flight of stairs to the park. turn left. follow the path and walk straight all the way till you see a snazzy residental condo on the left. it has this suspension bridge thing. and yea. you’re there. the shop is in the residential area. :D

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