authentic korean bbq

Met up with soo, noo and elaine to celebrate soo’s birthday. Elaine brought us to this korean bbq place at outram. I was quite skeptical about this place at first because i couldn’t find any reviews about it. but i found the reason why. it’s because they have no name. all i can say is that they are next to para para pub. lol.

I look like i have short hair. Haircut next saturday! I can’t wait.

Noo and Elaine.

On to the food pictures!

Lettuce for wrapping the meat.

Some fatty pork meat which i cooked but didn’t eat. The fat oozing on the hot plate just scares me.

We had 2 plates of chicken meat. The seasoning was so good!

Lettuce, meat, sauce. wrap and stuff it in your mouth.

I love the cooking part.

We had fresh kimchi as well. this is so awesome please.

My favourite dish of all! Rice cakes! I can eat 5 plates of this.

Some korean soup with tofu.

Korean potato pancake which was the size of a regular pizza. It does not have much taste so we dipped them in whatever remaining sauces available. Love the texture though.

This place is so cheap i don’t even know what to say. So much food for only $46 bucks ($11.50 per pax).


6 thoughts on “authentic korean bbq

    • i don’t know what’s the address since i can’t google it but i can give you directions. at outram mrt, come out of exit F (sgh) walk straight till u reach the traffic light. cross the road. you will see a row of shophouses there. turn left, walk along the shop houses and you will see para para pub. the bbq place is just beside it.

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