suan thai lunch buffet, killiney road

gwenzy, leeam and i had lunch buffet at suan thai.

i love thai food. especially pad thai, beef noodle soup and mango with glutinous rice. but sadly, my favourites are not in the buffet.

some of the dishes we had:

the tom yam soup was spicy like woah.

deep fried squid.

papaya salad. they have other salads like mango salad and pomelo salad but one serving is too huge for us to order more.

thai chicken satay. i like it.

green curry. i didn’t like this because i thought it was too sweet and they added too much coconut milk.

minced chicken with basil. one of my favourite dishes.


mixed vegetables.

tapioca for dessert.

red rubies.

the price ($16.90++) was reasonable but the food was alright. the service wasn’t really good. they kept giving us dishes which we didn’t order. even though it’s a buffet we still want to eat what we ordered.

and to end off, some pictures of us :D


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