thai express bistro, heeren

sigh… i usually go to thai express for my fix of thai food but i guess i won’t anymore.

seafood phat thai.

phat thai with vegetables.

the phat thai was too sweet for my liking. i used to love their phat thai but it has changed. not sure if it’s that particular branch but eeks… and $9.50 for a plate of noodles is expensive.

can’t resist sneaking in a picture of us even though it’s a little blurry. :D


2 thoughts on “thai express bistro, heeren

  1. phat-thai on pic no.2
    usually, phat-thai don’t has a lot of vegetables.
    but on pic no.1 phat-thai look like original thai style :)

    you’re thai?
    you live in singapore? i like ur blog!

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