hong kong 2010: hokkaido katsu sushi

my mom and i saw long queues outside this restaurant during the weekends so we decided to try it as well.

i love the sushi tea cups!!! too bad they didn’t sell it.

ordering sushi in hong kong is like ordering dim sum. singapore has one place that has the same concept – itacho sushi at ion orchard. 3 different pieces of paper for different sushi categories.

scallop sashimi sushi.

some unagi/cucumber roll with sesame seeds on the outside. didn’t like this very much. the sesame seeds were too overpowering.

another type of unagi roll. never liked sushi with mayo.

aburi salmon with cheese. so disappointing. it’s supposed to be piping hot! this was cold as ice please.

pumpkin tempura. yums. i think it’s the best item we ordered seriously. and it’s deep fried! i rarely eat deep fried stuff.

mom wanted to try this goose liver hand roll which was not bad. it was plump and juicy.

sushi prices are about the same as sushi tei’s but food wise, not as good.


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