l’espresso high tea buffet

we went for l’espresso’s high tea buffet last month to celebrate leeam’s birthday. if you like desserts, this is the buffet for you. but even though i love desserts,  this was too much for me. i needed savoury foods to counter all the sweetness but sadly, their savoury stuff was kinda disappointing.

smoked salmon salad. yums.

cake slices. i didn’t eat any except for the banana tart which was too sweet for my liking.

bite sized cakes.

round one: assorted sandwiches. hits: mango/shrimp croissant and the cucumber sandwich. miss: parma ham sandwich. my taste buds didn’t like them.

cafe chocolate.

i think this was leeam’s plate. she didn’t like the parma ham stuff either.

hit: smoked salmon salad.

warm blueberry scones. THE BEST. but oh so filling.

assorted bite sized cakes. i only liked the fruit tart and the chocolate cake below it.

besides all these, they had creme brule, this vegetarian tortellini pasta thing which was totally overcooked and mushy (even for the second batch)! argh. well there’s obviously some hits and misses in this buffet but i don’t think i’ll be coming back unless i really really crave for some of their marvelous scones and the mango shrimp croissant.

we took a lot of polaroids which i will scan soon!

had an lovely outing with my girls. <3


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