domino’s pizza

i have been hearing good stuff about domino’s pizza since it came back to singapore. just had to try it out for myself.

we had the value set 1 for two people.

it comes with cheesy garlic onion rings.

cinnastix – which is so darn good. i would eat this more than auntie anne’s cinnamon pretzels. the bread is so soft and tender! even after 15 minutes, it was still warm in the box.

drumlets – as good as pizza hut’s.

twisty bread with garlic powder. this bread has a soft chewy texture which is kinda addictive.

regular pizza – half hawaiian half bbq.

i have to say domino’s is definitely better than pizza hut. mainly because they make their own dough on the spot. you can seriously taste the freshness of the dough as compared to frozen ones.


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