what i ate this week #5

have not been taking pictures of my homecooked food because i’ve been lazy.

#1 poached eggs on top of honey toast, lettuce, cheese and roasted beetroot + overkill of corn and mushrooms.

when beetroots are roasted they taste really similar to potatoes minus the carbs and calories (1 serving of beetroot = 79 kcal whereas 1 serving of potatoes = 300kcal). i didn’t know that until i tried roasting them today. have only eaten them steamed or raw before this.

#2 eggplant and minced meat omelette. also known as tortang talong, a dish from the phillipines. my ex-maid used to cook this for me a lot.

it looks like the real deal but i didn’t roast the eggplants soft enough before pan-frying. shall try cooking this again next time.


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