what i ate this week #6

my sunday dinners are usually a tad more elaborate.

#1 baked sweet potato fries, roasted vegetables that includes corn, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, carrots and a purple capsicum which was so bitter. i shall stick to the red and yellow ones next time.

it’s my first time eating brussel sprouts by the way. and i didn’t really like it. i think we overcooked it too much.

my baked sweet potato fries seasoned with rosemary, garlic salt and black pepper. yums.

#2 plain congee with fu zhou fish balls and kimchi on a cold rainy day.

porridge + kimchi is a weird habit of mine. i used to eat porridge with chili sauce. :D

#3 ddeokbokki with cabbage. used the flat rice cakes instead of the tubular ones.

#4 baked avocado fries coated with panko (japanese bread crumbs). recipe from here.

these were quite good. crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. best dipped in sweet chilli sauce.

#5 cold udon with microwave-cooked lettuce and siew mai.

love my tray from daiso.

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