italy 2010: st peter’s basilica, rome

not the sistine chapel but still beautiful. you have no idea how many cathedrals i visited in 10 days (i lost count). most were nice on the outside but not so fancy on the inside. my favourites for this trip are the st peter’s basilica and duomo de milano.

one of michelangelo’s famous sculptures, the pieta! i love michelangelo and bernini.

the main square outside the cathedral was truly breathtaking. pictures simply cannot do this place any justice.


86 thoughts on “italy 2010: st peter’s basilica, rome

    • yes! i visited florence. I LOVE IT. love venice as well :) i will be updating more about my trip in the weeks to come. too many pictures to share!

  1. I’m Italian and Rome is my favourite city! So thank you for this beautiful pictures!
    Also, for those who are interested in Italy and Italian culture, there are lots of things that go behind what everybody knows about. If you are curious please read my post “Things you probably don’t know about Italy – Not the usual list” (
    Thank you so much to show how beautiful Italy is!

  2. Hey there, what a lucky person are you. lol
    I love your gorgeous pictures, it reminds me of Prof.Langdon and his ‘Angel & Demon’.
    Well i’m a Catholic and Vatican is the most favorable destination for me.
    Envy you so damn much.
    Seriously. (:

    regards from Indonesia, Eduard

  3. Lovely photos…hope I get to Italy myself in the future. I also love Michelangelo & his art! Thank you for sharing and Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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  5. I’m so jealous! Visiting Italy is one of my dreams! The art and architecture are just so incredible, and, of course, the food looks delicious. Your photos are beautiful! The last one is particularly stunning….I love the colors, it almost looks painting-like. Having a serious bout of wanderlust right now, thanks to you….


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  7. Hi, I’ve found your blog cause it was in the main page at wordpress site [in the “just pressed” section.

    Happy to hear you’re havin a good here in Italy. Have you been in Florence and Venice too? If not, I suggest you to visit these cities too, they’re really nice. Especially Florence. You should go, really :-)

    Anyway, enjoy Italy for the rest of your trip, and have fun!


  8. I love the last photo of the bunch. something about it – probably the tinted coloring – seems like an old school photo.

    I was curious when these were taken in 2010? My family was there around Easter and the chairs outside and Jumbotron in one of your photos looked like what they had setup for Easter mass.

  9. It’s funny how some photos can highlight details we never see in real life, but most photos can’t touch the real thing, especially when it comes to something big and fabulous. It’s like the beauty and grandness can’t be contained in a little rectangle, no matter how expensive the camera may be.
    When I saw the Grand Canyon I was honestly shocked at just how grand it was, although I had seen many photos.

  10. I love the photos of the interior of the Basilica, did you use a tripod or do you have steady hands? Thank you for sharing, I’m off to Italy in Spring and starting to get very excited about it.

    • thanks! i guess i have steady hands and a rather good camera. :D i had to set my iso really high just to capture those. enjoy italy!

  11. wow …Italy is always interesting, very beautiful architecture and amazing .. hopefully one day I could walk the streets of Italy, I’m from Indonesia .. :-)

  12. So, so beautiful! I’m currently torn on spending my spring break in Italy or London, but it is definitely architecture like this that leans me towards Italy. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Congrats on getting freshly pressed!
    I love your imagery of the Vatican. You capture the ambiance of the Basilica.
    As a fellow blogger above me, Auntbethany, said, you must see the Duomo in Florence if you have not yet. If you have, then you know the beauty of that duomo, inside and out.
    Also, try going to Assisi to see St. Francis’ Basilica.

    Ciao, ciao!

  14. love the photos! and love italy! but, i’m still wondering why there are no more pigeons in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. well, at least there are fewer now than before. :(

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