italy 2010: pizzas

a trip to italy is not complete if you did not eat a pizza.

the size of the first pizza (pizza margherita) i had was shockingly huge. Although it tasted so good, i couldn’t finish it.

Another pizza margherita we had in venice.

This was probably the best pizza I had from florence (Cafe Olio). I shared this with my brother of course.

My dad had this all to himself.


5 thoughts on “italy 2010: pizzas

  1. I REMEMBER Cafe Olio from Florence! Funny how those little places stick out in our minds. I’m trying to think of the best pizza I had in Italy. I’m pretty sure the restaurant in the middle of the square in Florence (the restaurant was a circle or octagon) had tremendous pizza, as did one place over on the other side of the Arno. I believe it was a place called Carmine’s. Ugh. What I wouldn’t give for a slice of pizza con salame!

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