I never cared much about valentine’s day. I used to be a naive little girl who thinks being single is probably the best option. Sure, I’ve liked guys before but I liked them for how they looked and not how good there were inside. And I knew things won’t work out so keeping quiet was the best solution.

This year on this day, I feel so.. lonely. Looking at couples on the streets, stupid roses, stupid heart shaped things, stupid soft toys with hearts on them makes me hurt. I feel like ripping their heads out and feed them to the incinerator. Maybe I should just stick to the “being-single-is-the-best-option” mentality. Feeling lonely is better than being hurt.. I know God provides, have faith in Him blah blah. I know all the “textbook” answers in the bible but sometimes, it’s really hard to apply them if you know what I mean.

I know i have my friends… but they can only do so much for you. Just let me be emo for a while with no questions asked… I will be fine eventually but i don’t know when. Till then, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating it. Treasure your other half.