italy 2010: more food

So basically these are the rest of the food i consumed in italy that does not fall in the pasta/pizza category.

I didn’t mention this before but a standard italian meal consists of pasta (first course), pork & salad (second course) and dessert. It’s quite insane because I’m already full after eating the first course. Glad I have a brother to eat my leftovers. :D



More pork.

Mushroom crepe.

Parma ham with melon is aweeeesome.

Crepe with artichokes.

Artisan breads which we didn’t manage to try. Because we ate so well at every meal, our stomachs had no space for snacks.

You can’t tell from the picture but this bowl of salad was so huge, it freaked us out.

My mom’s burger. She was sick of eating pasta and pizzas.

Baguette with foie gras or something else. Salami, parma ham.. Didn’t really like it.

Really huge piece of medium rare steak. Could not finish.

Some chicken thing that my mom had at one of the stopovers in-between cities. I hate eating at those places.

Tuna salad with two balls of mozzarella cheese. Yum.


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