New clothes! Most are bought except for the lace top and the polkadot dress in the second row. I got them using a $50 voucher that I won from Stylerally! Do check them out.

Gmarket / MDS / F21 / Stylerally / Stylerally / F21

Big rilakkuma from kuma / Small rilakkuma from pongie and future cuz-in-law

Crochet bag from forever new.

Burberry brit sheer from Soo and Noo.

Editor’s Market chain bag from Leeam and Gwen.

Soap and glory’s mother pucker (so crude) lipgloss. Will do a review on it soon.

One of those japanese catalog bags from kinokuniya.


4 thoughts on “NEW THINGS

  1. All your things are always so nice, and your dressing. Love your art too. And you seem to have slimmed down alot compared to last time. I have always been following your blog. Mind sharing where you get your dressing inspirations from and how did you shed off so much weight? :)

  2. thanks for reading my blog Abigail! :) I get my inspirations from street style blogs, and chictopia. As for my weight.. it started off with healthy eating and exercise. But I’ve lost more weight recently due to late nights. Not a good way to shed off of your weight! Do you have a blog too? :)

  3. Hi Claire, I do not have a blog. I want to start up one with wordpress but it doesn’t seem very user-friendly to me. Your blog is so nicely done up with your banner at the top and right. wordpress’ themes are so dull and I don’t know how to make it nice as yours. :( you have lost so much weight which I would want to too.

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