Soo brought me to this place for dim sum because I was craving for some. I wouldn’t say it’s the best place to have dim sum (although cheap) as some of the dishes were a hit and miss.

As you can see, the place is pretty small and cramped.

Century egg porridge. This was just the way I like my porridge. Smooth and sticky. They were really generous with the century egg as well. If I’m not wrong, they gave us the entire egg.

Char siew chee cheong fun. The sauce is unlike any other. Very unique.

Siew mai. Not bad.

Prawns wrapped in beancurd skin.

Fried chicken wings. A little over fried though.

Har gao (prawn dumplings).

Yam cake. It was alright. Can be smoother.

Glutinous rice was undercooked.

Deep fried char siew buns. I just don’t like my buns to be deep fried.

I still think Victor’s kitchen is still better for cheap dim sums but I would totally come back for the porridge and chee cheong fun. Did a research on the best places for dim sum in singapore and got Yum Cha at chinatown and Royal China at Raffles Hotel. Both are on the pricier side but I would love to try them some day.


3 thoughts on “126 DIM SUM, GEYLANG

  1. Can i check with you what camera you used to take photos of your food? Thanks. And ya yum cha has good dim sum.

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