My takoyaki pan had a spider web in it when I took it out from the cupboard. This shows how long I’ve not been using it.

The batter is key. Fillings can be whatever you like. I used mozzarella cheese cubes, smoked salmon, hotdogs, ham strips, mentaiko and spring onions. You will also need rice krispies. I saw the people at Gindaco using them.

Only sprinkle the rice krispies when the takoyaki balls are ready to be flipped.

Turning the balls! Be generous with the oil (i use olive oil) so that they won’t stick.

The first batch was really good. Cripsy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside due to the cheese. Do eat it immediately because the balls turn soggy really fast.

Batter recipe and steps can be found here.


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