BBQ Chicken claims to be the no. 1 chicken restaurant in Korea. I’m not sure if it really is No. 1 but I have to say that their chicken is pretty good. Their BBQ does not stand for barbeque but “best of best quality”. LOL. Cheesy much?

What I love about this restaurant is that they use only olive oil to cook their food. It might be a little pricier but I think it’s worth it. By the way, they do not serve cold water.

Shared a plate of cheesy fries which kinda tasted like KFC’s cheese fries. The dollop of salsa on top adds a really nice tangy taste to it.

Jerk BBQ chicken from the student special menu ($10.40 with 2 sides + drink). This is one of their specialty dishes. The chicken was well marinated and very tender.

2 pieces of olive luxury chicken with 2 sides ($13.90). This is so good! There’s no hint of the burnt oil taste that you usually get in KFC’s chicken. It’s so light, it feels kinda guilt-free. :D

Even without the free flow of iced water, I think I will go back for some healthier fried chicken.


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