Paradise Taste’s interior is as posh as paradise dynasty’s. With that kind of interior, you might think that the food is going to be expensive. The normal dishes (shark’s fin soup, abalone etc.) are indeed pricey but the dim sum menu is pretty affordable.

Pickles on the table.

Century egg congee. It was a little too watery for my liking. I like mine a little sticky.

Melt in your mouth egg tarts.

Char siew cheong fun (rice rolls with pork) with quite a lot of stuffing.

Har gow (prawn dumplings). It’s good because the prawns were really fresh.

Char siew buns. Skin was thick enough to complement the fillings.

Their siew mai is probably one of the best that I’ve ever eaten.

Glutinous rice wrapped with lotus leaf. I was surprised that there were bamboo shoots in it. The addition of the shoots gave a different texture to the dish.

Pan-fried pork dumplings. These were so-so.

Molten hot custard buns with a hint of salted egg. Yum.



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