Set meals at creation cafe used to be $15.90 for any pasta but now, you have to add $5 for a soup, dessert and drink. This was a treat from my future cousin-in-law. Yayness because I was really broke that week.

The pumpkin soup was not bad.

Shared a basket of calamaris.

Chilli crab spaghetti. The sauce was a bit too sweet and not spicy enough. However, the spaghetti was cooked al dante which means perfect.

Choose between a brownie or apple pie with chocolate/vanilla ice cream for dessert. I would recommend the brownie and chocolate ice cream combo. The apple pie’s crust was too powdery and the apple fillings were bland.

I think I will go back to try their other pastas now that around de world at liang seah street has closed it’s doors.


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