Kusabi was voted the #1 ramen in japan in year 2007. That was quite some time ago but there’s still no harm trying this place out. All soup bases are tonkatsu based with shoyu, miso or fish oil. Fish oil is what makes Kusabi different from other ramen joints. Besides that, fish powder (made from bonito flakes) are kneaded into the noodles itself. It’s not very distinct but you can definitely taste it.

We were the first customers when the shop opened at 6.15pm. I was famished because I usually eat my dinner at 5.30.

Nice chopsticks.

Gyoza is always a must with ramen. Kusabi’s version was not too bad.

Marutoku Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen ($19).

It comes with a platter of extra ramen toppings. If your ramen does not come with it, you can add it for $5. Which I did. The meat is very well grilled with a hint of charcoal taste. Eggs are not as runny as I would like them to be but I guess that’s how people in that prefecture (Fukushima) prefers it.

I had the gekikara (uber spicy) ramen with fish oil ($13). You can choose from 3 levels of spiciness. I chose level 2. And boy, even for a chili lover like me, it was kinda too much to take. Although spicy, the spiciness does not travel to your stomach like sichuan spicy noodles do.

Yes. I love my ramen noodles thick.

Kusabi is definitely now one of the places I would go back to if I’m craving for ramen. Now I have 3 favourites! Shin Sapporo, Santouka and Kusabi. So many more ramen joints to explore!


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