I was quite excited to visit this place with Leeam for her birthday but I was tremendously upset by their service. Even the good food didn’t make me feel better.
Maybe service was just bad for us because it seemed that they treated people in office wear (aka working adults) pretty well.

We reached the place at 12pm. The waiter told us he was fully booked for lunch and to come back at 2.30pm. So, we just hung around the area and got so bored. Thus, we decided to walk back at 1.30pm to see the situation. It was still packed. We noticed this group of 3 aunties who went in. From the window, it looked like the waiter told them the same thing he told us. So, we walked away and came back at 2pm because we were too hungry to just roam in the hot sun.

To our surprise, the 3 aunties we saw earlier already had a table! I think we should be given the table first because we came first. They should have this system where they take down customer’s numbers and call them once a table is available! The crowd was starting to leave, tables were available but they still made us stand at a corner for quite some time, not even saying “sorry, please give us a moment” or anything like that which made me so freaking pissed. It’s like we are invisible or something. Thinking about it now still makes my blood boil. It’s like they think we can’t afford to eat anything there or something.

Cakes at the display.

Meringue for sale.

Small place with a few unconventional tables.

When we were ready to order, no staff was present on the floor. They were all at the back for some reason. I waved my hands once, twice, but it’s like they were blind or something. So 1 staff was cleaning a table behind us. I got her attention and asked if I could order and she looked at me with this blur face. -_-

Eggs benedict on toast. This was so good. My favourite dish of the day.

I like eggs that flow.

Seafood Alio Olio which was pretty awesome as well. Only eat this if you are a garlic lover.

The french pancake with sausage was alright. Not recommended. They didn’t even provide us with maple syrup. Not sure if they forgot or it’s not meant to be eaten with maple syrup. But come on! Who doesn’t eat pancakes with maple syrup?!

This strawberry shortcake is not the best I’ve eaten. The cake layers had this wet texture to it.

One more thing. They did not serve us iced water because we noticed that the other tables had water glasses.

I’ll probably never go back to Antoinette at Penhas road. I shall try the one at mandarin gallery and hopefully, their service wouldn’t suck as much.



  1. more to add:
    1) did not give us menu when we were seated down.
    2) the blur waitress put a plate on our table for nothing.
    3) no napkins
    4) i really dislike the cashier, kumar!

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