Since last month, there has been loads of hype about this drink for ladies called Chocomarvel. I was quite intrigued when I read what it could do for you during monthly periods. Read all about it here.

I had my menses a few days back. My usual PMS symptoms are extreme foul moods, getting tired really easily and painful cramps on the first two days.

After trying one sachet of Chocomarvel, I was sold. FOR LIFE until my menses stop when I’m 45. My painful cramps actually stopped 5 minutes after drinking it! I didn’t feel as irritated either.

My keepcup from Australia! <3

8 sachets in a box for $19.90. I only need 2-3 sachets per month.

The powder smells like orange chocolate.

Using a measuring cup because I like to be precise when it comes to things like this. Hate diluted drinks.

It tastes pretty good to me (plus it’s low fat). Some girls were saying that there’s a strong herbal taste but I don’t think there was any. It’s more like hot chocolate with a very mild hint of ginger.

I would like to recommend this to all girls! If you are a skeptic, get a free sample from Chocomarvel’s facebook page before buying the whole box.

Note: This is not a sponsered review whatsoever. I’m doing this out of free will because I believe good things must be shared. :D


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