There’s nothing more satisfying than warm toast with a sunny side up egg. Not to mention that it only takes like 2 seconds to put them together.

I used freshly baked soya bread from NTUC Xtra. It actually still tasted good after a week. I put it in the fridge of course, to lengthen it’s nom-span.

Egg was cooked in the microwave using this awesome $2 daiso plastic ware. I have yet to find the perfect timing for my eggs though. 30 seconds overcooked the yolk and 25 seconds was not enough to fully cook the whites.



  1. YES! Marmite and egg goes so well, this is what I keep telling people – THEY NEVER BELIEVE ME. It took me a lot to convince my girlfriend to try it, she loved it. Thank you for posting this…

  2. how about 28 seconds? HAHA. although i’m not a fan of marmite, the picture looks really good that I am feeling extremely hungry now :(

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