Heard so much about Coco Ichibanya on facebook. It’s first shop opened in 1978 on Japan’s shores and now they have 1275 outlets worldwide!

What attracted me at first is that they have different levels of spiciness (level 1 – 5) to choose from. You can even choose the amount of rice you want.

I love love the pickles available on each table. We  almost finished the whole container because it went really well with the curry.

I added salad and a drink to make it a set. The salad was really good, I wished I could have more. I shall order the regular-sized one next time.

I had the boiled pork slice with cheese curry at level 4. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the texture of the curry. It was too powdery and thick, like they spammed pepper and chilli powder just to make it spicier.

Mild curry with pork cutlet and cheese. I liked the curry in this one even though it wasn’t spicy. It was smooth and flavourful.

Cheese goes really well with curry.

I’ll give Coco Ichibanya another try next time just to see if their normal curry is as good as people say.


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