I’ve not heard of Swee Choon until a friend told me about it. Apparently it’s pretty famous for cheap dim sums and la mian. This place is usually compared with 126 dim sum at geylang as they have about the same price range and quality.

Cold chicken with sichuan chilli.

Chee cheong fun!

Prawn rolls with beancurd skin.

Egg rolls with pork floss. This was so good!

Stir-fried salted long beans.

Mee sua kueh. This is kinda like Swee Choon’s trademark dish. It’s unique and quite nice but I couldn’t stomach more than 2 pieces of it.

Deep fried yam puffs.

Siew mai that does not contain any prawns. I prefer mine with prawns!

Xiao long bao. This was pretty good actually.

Lava custard bun which has a good flow. Thumbs up.

Red bean pancake thing which I didn’t eat.

Pumpkin custard buns. Love the chewy exterior but the custard was pretty dry.

The amount of food we ordered. This was only 80% of it. We only paid $17 each which is pretty cheap for so much food.


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