Brunetti is a classic italian cafe where you order food at the counter and wait for it at your seat (just like in Italy). However, I think the counter is a little too high for short people like me.

However, Brunetti originates from Melbourne, not Italy.

Cakes and pastries on display to tempt people to get some.

Italian hot chocolate which is comparable to the ones I had in Italy. Not as thick as the one I had in Florence but still good.

Baguette with turkey breast I think. It was toasted a bit too long making it a little hard.

Pizza with mozerella, cherry tomatoes and pesto. This was so good. Reminded me of this pizza I had in Italy. Love the chewy texture of the cheese.

A pretty huge slice of pear and berry cheesecake. I don’t eat a lot of cheesecakes but this one is really good. The cheese was so smooth and light, I couldn’t stop eating it.

Leeam, my foodie partner!

Hot chocolate makes me happy.


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