Before I dive into my post, I would like to wish all my readers a blessed Merry Christmas! :)

Ramen champion is a competition between 6 ramen shops from Japan. It only lasts for a year so you better try it before it’s gone! I have no idea what the winner will get out of this competition. I presume they will have a chance to open a branch in singapore. For this visit, I tried the ramen from Iroha and Bario.

Iroha ramen. Love the wireless beeping system to let you know that your ramen is ready.

Ordered the negitama ramen. The soup was unique but a tad too salty for my liking. So was the egg. My foodie partner in crime said that the egg was probably soaked in concentrated soya sauce for days. *shivers*

Thickness and texture of the noodles was not too bad.

A free packet of ramen is given with every purchase. Not sure if it has always been like that or just due to the christmas season.

Next up is Bario which means super guy in japanese. I ordered this because I wanted to be manly. Plus, the chef for bario was a woman! So fascinating.

When I saw the bowl of noodles I felt intimidated. It was… filled to the brim… with a heap of bean sprouts on top. Soup stock was delicious due to the large amounts of garlic in it. Obviously fattening because it was so rich. And those 5 pieces of 3 layered pork! I only ate 1.5 pieces out of 5.

The thick manly noodles were so good. It was chewy and maintained it’s texture throughout. I think there was more bean sprouts compared to the noodles though. What’s surprising is that their noodles are made from bread flour! So interesting. By the way, the egg was good. Runny, just the way I like it.

If you finish your bowl of noodles, a message awaits you at the bottom. It says “You are a man. Thank you.” LOL. Sadly I’m not a man because I only managed to finish half of it. A half bowl version is also available in the menu which I thought was going to be too little for me. WELL, I THOUGHT WRONG.

Verdict: For now, Bario is at the top of the list for me. Shall go back and try the other shops!


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