Some snippets of my life through the lens of my mobile phone.

#1 Had a free ticket to FT Island courtesy of kuma’s mom! But it’s pretty sad knowing that all of them are younger than me by a year or two.

#2 My niece’s uber cute elmo sandals.

#3 Finally got sophie monk’s strawberry blackhead bye bye set.

#4 Random photo.

#5 My brother with his freshly shaven head.

#6 Party room at bert’s.

#7 Potluck! I made the drumlets.

#8 Laoban soya beancurd. So so good. It’s my 2nd tub in 2 weeks and I still have one more in the fridge :D.

#9 Love this skirt from forever21 but it makes me look really short and fat. Did not get it in the end.

#10 Shimeiji mushroom tempura salad at Tampopo, Ngee Ann City.

#11 Tonkotsu rice bowl also from Tampopo. The meat so was juicy and tender!

#12 These sweaters were on offer at forever21. Got the green one because I don’t have many green stuff in my wardrobe.


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