Octa hotel is not a hotel but a quaint Japanese cafe situated within Parco. My main reason for visiting this place is to try their parfait! It’s pretty good but it’s still not as good as the ones in Japan.

I love sugar cubes.

A basket to put our bags in. All restaurants should seriously have this. Or a bag hook at the side of the table.

As we are seated beside the window, the lighting was perfect for camwhoring. I was wearing one of my uniqlo x orla kiely tops!

We ordered 2 sandwiches to share. The tricoloured sandwich which consists of a slightly sweet omelette, cheese and tomatoes. I love the sauce they used for this sandwich. It went pretty well with the egg.

Smoked salmon and avocado sandwich. They are too generous with the avocado. At some point, the salmon had this cod liver oil taste which I didn’t really like.

Mixed berries parfait. I wished they used fresh berries instead of the frozen ones. The ice cream itself is good but I think a wider variety of ingredients can be used for the different layers. I will go back to try the chocolate parfait because it looks really good. Too bad they don’t serve matcha parfaits. It will definitely be my number one choice.



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