Last week, I received an invitation from Vanitytrove to attend the Astalift workshop at the Reebonz Space. I have never been to events like these before so I was quite gung ho and excited about it.

Besides learning about the Astalift products there was a presentation about taking care of your skin in general. And how the earth gravity sucks because it makes you sag by the time you become 60. Always put sunblock to prevent pigmentation and moisturise your skin even though you think you might not need it (guilty as charged).

Douglas, the founder of Vanitytrove got arrowed to volunteer for a demonstration.

Some of the products from Astalift:
Cleansing gel that contains astaxanthin (a substance that protects collagen in your skin from getting damaged) and collagen. It also removes make up residue. I think I seriously need a facial cleanser that actually does that.

This is the jelly aquarysta that contains 3 types of collagen to enhance skin’s moisture retention ability and strengthening dry/damaged skin.

Coolest thing ever! You can actually pour Astalift’s lotion on a mask tablet thing from muji, wait for it to expand…

And you get this! The amount you need to pour on the mask tablet is quite a lot. So I probably won’t do that.

Or, pour some essence on a eye mask sheet to remove dark circles.

I have to say that this session was very informative. It gave me more insight on what kind of products are better overall. E.g. Foam cleansers are better because the molecules are small enough to penetrate into your pores. Apparently all Japanese women use foam cleansers.

I also did a skin consultation with Astalift and found out that my skin lacks moisture. Thus, I have started using moisturizers in my facial regime once again after 4 years (!).

Door gift from Astalift! A big thank you to Vanitytrove for inviting me to this event. :)

Do sign up for Vanitytrove for chances to attend beauty events like these! I seriously think their troves are better than bellabox’s. I have the April’s trove with me at the moment but I can only blog about it on the 20th so watch out for that!


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