I got invited to another event (SPArty) by VanityTrove! This time I could bring a +1 so I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Luckily Masego @ Jurong SAFRA was pretty near school. It’s a big space with many private tents set up around the area.

First booth we went to was of course, Vanitytrove’s. Got to see all the products from their trove’s since they started till now.

That’s Camy beside me. Thanks for inviting me to this event!

She gave me a Mekhala black rice body lotion to try. The smell was pretty funky at first but I got used to it after 2 applications. It’s so good that I ordered a full sized bottle from already! I don’t usually put body lotion on myself but after trying Mekhala’s, I’ve been putting lotion diligently everyday after bathing because it’s THAT good. I could feel a difference in my skin just after one application! Best of all, this lotion contains no artificial chemicals/fragrances at all which is so good for my sensitive skin. Oh and it’s anti-aging as well.

Next, we got a sneak peek of myspringfling’s upcoming collection. I didn’t get any because all their dresses are too long for my height. :(

We also got a lip makeover from the Makeup Store. Panda and I tried red lipstick but gosh, it looks too loud on me. Or maybe I’m just not used to it. The makeup artist applied like 5 layers of the lipstick on me and the whole process took 5 minutes! I only take like 2 seconds to apply a lippie.

Shall stop my hunt for a red lipstick.

Took pictures for some lucky draw.

Yummy cupcakes from myspringfling! I think it’s from twelve cupcakes.

Then, we went for our complimentary 30 minute herbal back massage from Masego. It was pretty good but my shoulders hurt so bad when she was massaging them. I guess this means I have too much tension on my shoulders.

Also had a nail spa where they dip your hand in some liquid that coagulates forming some sort of “glove” on your hands. I could see my nails shine after they took it off.

The uber friendly and super nice girls from VanityTrove! Click here for more information about VanityTrove. And better yet, sign up so you get to attend events like these! :D



  1. I actually think the red lipstick looks great on you, it compliments your skin colour and makes you look chic. It usually takes us a while to get used to strong colours, it took me some time as well but now I’m fine with it and own several red/wine lippies. :)

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