A big thank you to Camy for this month’s VanityTrove!

Contents in the box. I was so happy to see K-palette’s kuma concealer in it! I’ve been wanting to try that since it came out in Singapore.

I don’t know how they do it but the contents in the box stayed in their places even though I accidently dropped it on the floor.

Estee Lauder’s stress relief eye masks really came in handy because I just finished my batch of collagen eye masks. My dark circles are so huge right now due to many late nights (5 more days to go before I’m totally free from school). These eye masks felt really relaxing and even made my skin firmer to touch after one application.

I’m a huge huge fan of K-Palette’s 24 hour waterproof eyeliner. So I have no doubts that I will fall in love with this product as well.

Most concealers just cover up your dark circles without extra properties in them. But the kuma concealer actually contains ingredients that helps improve blood circulation around the eye area! I also like that this shade blends really well with my skin. There are 2 other shades, natural beige (moisturizing with collagen) and yellow beige (brightening with vitamin c derivative).

This filthy pussy mint and rose soap is handmade and handcut all the way from Haiwaii. I laughed when I saw this because it sounds very wrong. I do like the smell of it though.

STYLE Aromatherapy leave-in hair moisturizer with morocan argan oil that helps with sun protection and prevents ageing of the scalp (yes! you can apply this product all the way to your scalp not just the ends of your hair). I’m always skeptical about products that I’ve not heard of until I try it. Once I tried it, I was sold (just like Mekhala’s black rice body lotion).  My hair was so smooth just after one application!

Not only that, it also allows you to instantly style your hair with either your hands or brush. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. The ends of my hair always tend to curl outwards unless I blow dry it inwards. But I didn’t need to after applying the moisturizer! All I did was to comb my hair inwards when it was about 60-70% dry and it stayed that way. Amazing.

Braphy’s lip plumper comes from Taiwan. It’s a bit sticky just like my soap & glory’s mother pucker lip gloss. After one minute, my lips really felt firmer. I thought it wasn’t working because it does not give a tingling sensation like soap & glory’s.

There’s a mirror at the back  for convenience.

It also comes with a LED light so you can apply it in the dark? Even though I don’t really need this function, I still find it pretty cool.

Included in this box is also a complimentary 60 minute cappu detox spa treatment at Masego. I gave this to my mom but I think she’ll be too lazy to go for it. Tsk.

And lastly, an envelope with blogshop discount vouchers.

I have to say VanityTrove has really impressed me with their choices of products. Even though some brands are unheard of but they really work wonders on your body.

And… I’ve already subscribed to the VanityTrove starting next month! Too irresistible.


2 thoughts on “VANITYTROVE – APRIL ’12

  1. I’ve heard about the leave-in hair moisturizer from a local celebrity. she too said it was extremely good. The one she’s using is the purple one…. shall go find it in guardian.

    VanityTrove’s choices of products look really awesome. thanks for sharing! haha

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