Sorry for the long hiatus! After I came back from US, I had to prepare for my graduation show (I just had my graduation ceremony yesterday).

When I got back from U.S., the first thing I noticed was my VanityTrove on the table!

I was quite surprised to see so many products in this month’s box.

Dirty works (a label from UK) body wash and lotion. Both smelled pretty good. I really like the body wash as it gives a very refreshing feeling after I step out of the shower.

Enavose invisible sunbrella UV mist which is so suitable for sunny Singapore. It can be used over makeup as well.

Essentials rich premiere and nuanced airy shampoo. These shampoos smell so good! And my hair was smoother just after one wash. However I do think it’s too rich to be used long-term. Also, it is recommended to change shampoos on a regular basis to prevent it from building up at your hair shaft.

Ettusais BB cream with SPF 25. I think I have just found my new favourite BB cream! I liked that it gave a powdery and light finish.

Erabelle silk face mask (whitening/rejuvenating). I have not tried this but it looks promising.

Act Q Patch for pain relief. I gave this to my parents because I have no need for it.

Body shop’s shiso leaf whitening cream to remove skin pigmentation from exposure to the sun.

Egyptian magic cream! This magical all purpose cream has been highly raved by some celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson and Madonna. Still quite skeptical about all purpose creams but I shall try!

I have been pretty impressed and satisfied with Vanitytrove so far. Love the products they put in their troves every month. Can’t wait for next month’s trove!


2 thoughts on “VANITYTROVE – JUNE ’12

  1. This looks like a really great box :) I have some Dirty Works shower gel that I won in a competition but I haven’t tried it yet.

    Naomi x

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