I was invited to another Vanitytrove event and this time,it was held at Phillip Wain, United Square. I was attracted by their tummy taming treatment but I didn’t have a chance to try it due to time constraints.

Invited Panda again!

Vanitytrove’s July edition which will be available for the whole month of July! I will review my box real soon. This month’s box is really special because it contains really quality products from Tangs@Vivocity!

Here’s a better picture of the items. A troveful of jet-setting beauty surprises fits VanityTrove’s theme of the month – “Destination Beautiful” – perfectly. Pamper yourself with luxurious skincare products from Clarins, SK-II,Shiseido, etc. Discover organic brands such as Sonia Rykiel and SUKI; found in TANGS Vivocity’s Urban Botanica. Smell like a million dollars with fragrances from Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Chloé and many more. Get creative and work some magic on your nails with the ever-popular OPI. This month, VanityTrove gets even more generous and is topping up each trove with body beautiful treats! (see all beauty stories here: Sounds awesome yet? Subscribe at now for the upcoming August surprise by 14 July, and visit VanityTrove’s Facebook Page for more details and beauty tips!

Some pictures of the yummy food that they prepared for us. So healthy, I like!

Japanese silken tofu with floss.

Chicken satay.

Phillip Wain looks a bit like a mini resort to me.

Amanda getting her face analysed.

I had mine too and guess what? My face is really dehydrated! If you think that your face is not dry, most likely it is! It’s also easier to get wrinkles and fine lines if your face is dry. The reason why my Dad still looks young because he has an oily face and that prevents lines from forming. Life is always this unfair. Make sure you moisturize your face and drink lots of water!

Getting our BMI and body composition checked. I actually didn’t gain any weight after the US trip! HAPPY. The trick? Do not rent a car when you are there.

Phillip Wain has a gym where you can work out too! This exercise equipment actually engages all your muscles when you lie on it. How cool is that! It’s similar to an exercise ball which I have but never used.

Another equipment that allows you to tone your muscles by stretching. Not to be used without an instructor.

This month, VanityTrove and Phillip Wain has put together a Tummy Tamer party to celebrate the award-winning M6 Integral Treatment by Phillip Wain. The treatment involves unique kneading movements of rolling in (to slim), out (to firm) and up (to smooth and resculpt), which helps to stimulate a fat-burning reaction. Simply put, it helps to break down the fatty deposits in the tummy area – a common problematic area for most ladies! These fat deposits will then be flushed out of the body naturally by our lymphatic system thereafter. So easy and painless, yet effective! No wonder it was voted Best In Beauty Winner by Women’s Weekly. If you’re planning to don on your bikini anytime soon, this is definitely a god-sent.

Phillip Wain is a one-stop beauty service offering Health & Fitness, Facial, Slimming, Body & Spa, Medical Treatment services, thoughtfully in a women-only environment. Hence ladies never have to worry about any awkwardness during their time at the club! Call 62500100 to make an appointment for services and more information.



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