When I was in the US, my friends and I chanced upon Pasha Grill while shopping at the Redmond Town Center. We went in without much expectations but gee, it was so good we went back for dinner again a week after.

I’m blogging about this out of nowhere because I need to declare my love for Pasha Grill!!! I’ve been craving for their grilled chicken plate for about a month now. I even went to Sofra at Shaw Towers to satisfy my cravings but the taste was just so different.

Hummus with pita bread. Not the best hummus I’ve eaten but still good.

Doner (beef) plate.

Iskender which is pretty good! If you were wondering, the white sauce is not mayonnaise but yoghurt.

My favourite – grilled chicken plate! The chicken was so tender and well seasoned. And the rice!  It’s the rice that makes this whole dish even more awesome.

Kofte (meatballs) served with rice.

Lamb shish kebab with rice.

If you live in Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle or anywhere near Redmond, make sure you try this!

Oh, how I wish teleportation exists.


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