&made is a new casual bistro by 3-Michelin starred chef, Bruno Menard. And for a restaurant opened by a Michelin starred chef, the prices are very reasonable.

Love the quirky interior design of the place.

Cluster of light bulbs.

Strawberry milkshake on the left, lychee, raspberry and rose milkshake on the right. Even though the shakes are not the thick and gooey kind, it still tastes pretty good.

All burgers come with fries and homemade sauce which tastes like puréed smoked barbecued tomatoes.

Top up an extra $3 to change your normal fries to truffle fries.

I had the duck confit burger. The duck meat was really tender and the red cabbage just compliments it so well. I’ never had duck confit before, so I don’t have anything else to compare to.

3 little pigs burger which contains a bacon, pork filet and chorizo patty, Japanese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, japanese pickles, and yuzu-kosho mayonnaise. It’s surprising how well the Japanese pickles goes together with the pork patty. I liked that it balances the strong meaty flavour of the burger.

The next time I make a visit to &made, I will definitely try the unique Toastoo.


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