August’s trove is all about beauty and technology.

The trove was so packed, I couldn’t put back the items in the box proper after taking them out!

Brands Innershine Prune Essence and Brands Innershine Berry Essence with Grapeseed. The Prune Essence improves bowel movement as it is high in fiber thus promoting good intestinal health. Grape seed extract is rich in OPCs is essential in the synthesis and cross-linking of collagen fiber which helps to fortify collagen in the skin while slowing down the depletion process.

ACACI Special Oil-Zero Solution that kinda works like oil blotters. Just that you spray the solution to remove sebum on the face. I can’t wait to try this.

I’m not having my period at the moment so I can’t try this out. However, I’ve been hearing positive comments about this product. One of which is from razortv. I was so amazed and intrigued after watching the video. To sum it up for those who are lazy to watch the video, these oxypads are super absorbant and able to eliminate odour. In the video, they actually poured fish sauce on the pads and they didn’t smell one bit.

The pads also come with a warning core to see if your discharge is abnormal.

Au Lait Body Milk by Scottish Fine Soaps Company. I can’t resist a good body lotion that smells so lush.

Origins anti-aging lotion and serum.

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover and Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Foaming Scrub from Watsons.

Morillins Facial Therapy Mask for mature skin. They have a huge range of masks that caters to other skin types.

Sampar Foam peel, poreless magic peel and glamour shot cream.

I have to say this month’s trove is filled with really interesting products and I can’t wait to try them. Sign up for it here for your monthly dose of surprise!


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