Freshness burger is a pretty popular fast food chain in Japan. However, it doesn’t seem to be doing too good in Singapore. Both branches at NEX and Causeway Point have already been closed leaving only one branch at the Central.

A meal consists of a burger, drink and one side. I couldn’t resist having a matcha latte but after drinking it, I promised myself never to drink any more green tea lattes from random places other than starbucks.

Initially, I wanted the bacon omelette burger but it wasn’t available. So I asked for the spam burger but they didn’t have eggs! What is this?! In the end, I had to go with a normal cheeseburger which was alright. I liked that they used really fresh vegetables.

The chicken cutlet burger was not bad but I feel that the cutlet could be thicker.

The sides had to be the highlights of the meal.

The onion rings were cooked to crispy perfection.

And the Hokkaido potato wedges were so soft and fluffy on the inside!


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