Au Chocolat is a local (made in Singapore) french-inspired concept store. It not only has a bistro dining area and pastry shop, it also has a retail space that sells candy and chocolates. There’s something I’m curious about though. How can this franchise be founded in 1966 when they just opened not too long ago?!

Au Chocolat fudge freeze.

I had the hot chocolate fudge. Not as thick as brunetti’s but still good. However, my throat hurt a little after drinking the whole cup.

Mushroom bites simmered in red wine sauce served with bread. This was pretty good. It had a strong marmite-y taste to it. An acquired taste I must say because not everybody likes marmite.

Au Chocolat serves all day breakfast!!!

I had the eggs royale with smoked salmon. The eggs had this mild metallic taste which I think could be the cause of adding too much vinegar in the poaching water. Not the best I’ve eaten.

We wanted the normal eggs benedict with parma ham but they gave us the au chocolat eggs benedict with bacon instead. The brown sauce on top is a hollandaise sauce infused with red wine & dark chocolate. I didn’t like it. The sauce was pretty bland and did not complement the eggs at all. Other than the eggs and the sauce, the rest of it was acceptable.

The next time I visit Au Chocolat, I will probably get some huge ass macarons or a lemon meringue tart instead of breakfast.


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