Poulet is different from other French bistros because their signature dish is roast chicken.

The mushroom soup was so good, I almost wanted to get another bowl. It was not too creamy and has a pretty strong and robust mushroom flavour.

I didn’t really like the escargots.

Ordered a whole chicken for $28.80++. You can also order half a chicken for $15.80++. They were nice enough to cut the chicken for us and even plated them up individually. The chicken meat was so tender and the mushroom Chardonnay sauce compliments it well.

Tiramisu in a pretty huge jar for only $7.80++. I’m not a fan of tiramisu but this is probably one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

Sponge fingers soaked in bitter espresso with smooth mascarpone cheese + rum syrup. Yum.


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