Paris Baguette is not from Paris despite it’s name. They are a popular chain of cafes from Seoul! Even most of the staff are Koreans.

Sandwiches are priced at $7 to $9.50.

The BLT was not bad but I’m not a fan of bacon so I probably won’t order this next time.

I LOVE this chicken avocado and tuna sandwich. The bread had a hint of sweetness that complements the savoury fillings so well.

This cheese omelette with a difference is from their all day brunch menu. And the items in there are pretty pricey ($17 and above).

Once upon a teaspoon cake. This is a very light cheese cake with biscuits on top.

And lastly, the royal milk pudding ($4). THIS has got to be my favourite item of the day. I bought 2 extra bottles to bring home and finished them within 24 hours. I even kept the bottles to see how many puddings I will eat in my entire lifetime. LOL.

I will totally go back for more sandwiches, bread and cakes!


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