Moomba restaurant is one that features Australian inspired dishes. I decided to head over for lunch because it was more worth it. And there’s no better time than now because once I start work, I will never have the chance to do so. You can choose to have a 2 course meal for $39++ or a 3 course meal for $45++. I chose the 3 course because I can’t resist desserts.

First course:

House Salad with mango slices, raw mushrooms, dried apricots, olives, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and grana padano shavings with japanese sesame dressing. I liked that they served the dressing in a separate bowl instead of drizzling it all over first.

Iberico Ham and Goat Cheese Crostini with olive tapenade, roasted figs, truffles honey and rocket leaves. This was really good except that the crostini was a bit difficult to cut.


New Zealand King Salmon with grilled fillet on butternut pumpkin mash with a warm aubergine and tomato relish. The salmon was so good. It had a slight crust on the exterior which made it extra yum.

Confit Of Duck – whole duck leg cooked in its own oil on garlic mash potato corn kernel, caramelized fig and smoked duck breast. The smoked duck breast was really good. It was even better than the duck leg which is supposed to be the highlight of the dish.  But overall, it was still rather impressive. Meat was tender and those figs!

Desserts (with complimentary tea/coffee):

Rhubarb Crumble served with kapiti vanilla ice-cream. It looks really appetizing but the rhubarb in the crumble was so sour! It’s not so bad if you ate it with the ice cream but after awhile it’s just too much to take.

The warm chocolate pudding on the other hand, was really good – moist and bitter-sweet.

I added the ala carte prices of my dishes out of curiosity and if not for the special set lunch price, I will be paying $65++ instead. So worth it! Thumbs up for their service as well!


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